Top 3 Dutch fashion design talent


We at Fashion Art Expression appreciate young talent. We believe that we should encourage such creativity and give them support in any way we can. Because we’re based in the Netherlands, we found it was time to show some love for our Dutch talent.

1/Roya Hesam

We’ve talked about her before and we still can’t get enough about our dear friend and talented fashion designer Roya Hesam. She graduated in 2010 at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, won the International Award at London’s Graduate Fashion Week and has already been picked up by Vogue UK!

We’ve seen a lot of good reviews about her collection. posted a comment of jury member Mark Eley: ”My fellow judges Betty Jackson, Vanessa Anderson from River Island and members of the Executive Committee picked the winner because she showed quiet sophistication together with an understated approach to contemporary dressing for women.”  On her recent collection, writes:  “Wanting to make women feel elegant, the collection has a minimalistic yet wearable character. ”

2/Nanna van Blaaderen

I love knitted wear. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that I would add Nanna to my top 3 talented Dutchies.
her latest collection “More or Less” is one of my favorite collection so far. She kind of reminds me of Laura Theiss.

She’s been covered in multiple website including praising her latest collections.

3/Femke Agema

We saw her during our visit to Fashionclash. She was one of the few designers that really stood out. Her collection was fun, original and had a nice concept. One of our favorite online magazines featured her previous “Totem” collection and using praising words.

Which designer do you like? Or tell us which designer we haven’t mentioned should be on this list to!

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they are all interesting but I really love the last video from Femke Agema!